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Super Fun 21 Blackjack Variation

Super Fun 21 is one of those top-quality blackjack variations which doesn’t try to bulldoze the original game. Instead, it makes subtle adjustments to bring a new and fresh perspective to the game.

In Super Fun 21, players can reap the rewards of a new payouts system, double-down rescue, and an increased maximum win for one specific hand.

How to Play

While subtly different from classic blackjack, the rules for Super Fun 21 are similar enough that any player can easily pick it up:

  • If you’re new to blackjack – Been thinking about learning basic strategy? It can be applied in Super Fun 21 with only a few small tweaks. But if your goal is just to spend a few bucks trying to strike a good win, then this variation probably offers more fun and more opportunities to make it happen.
  • If you’ve been playing for years – You’ll adapt to the rule changes (e.g. doubling-down rescue and 6-card hands) in seconds. All your fundamental skills can still be applied here, making it a fun alternative when you want to switch things up.

Double-down rescue

The first major rule change with Super Fun 21 is the introduction of the double-down rescue. Doubling down means increasing your stake by 100% (after the deal) in exchange for one extra card. Players must then stand regardless of the hand value. Sometimes players double-down into a horrible position through bad luck and end up losing their cash.

Double-down rescue is an innovative rule change where after doubling and seeing the result, players can choose to surrender their hand: they lose the original wager but retain the doubled bet, saving precious dollars.

Increase your max payout with a Six Card Charlie

Similar to Pontoon rules, Super Fun 21 rewards players who build up hands of 6 cards: no matter the actual value, a 6-card hand automatically counts as blackjack. This is called a Six Card Charlie and even pays out more than a natural blackjack at 2/1. While reaching 6 cards is exceptionally tense, the reward speaks for itself and many players will chase that special payout.

Super Fun 21 Rules

The double-down rescue and 6-card-blackjack are definitely the two biggest rule changes for Super Fun 21. They are what make this game so unique and attractive to players. To give you an idea of how the rest of the game shapes up, here are some additional rules:

  • Played with 6-8 decks
  • Dealer hits of soft 17
  • Pairs can be split up to 4 times, including aces
  • Double-down is permitted on all pairs
  • Surrender is offered, even after a double down
  • Six Card Charlie pays 2/1
  • Diamond blackjack pays 2/1
  • Insurance pays 2/1
  • Natural blackjack pays even money

As you would expect, these changes increase the house edge quite significantly. While not as severe as variations like 21st Century Blackjack, the house edge ranges between 1.2% and 1.6%; for classic blackjack with perfect strategy, it’s more like 0.4%.

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Can you beat Super Fun 21?

As long as it’s a live table without any continuous shuffling, it is actually possible to count cards and gain an advantage as high as 1% while playing Super Fun 21. The level of skill required to pull this off, however, is very high: you need to count effectively in a 6-8 deck game, bet precisely and flawlessly execute your strategy. But it can be done.

For the average player, you’ll need a bit of luck on your side to make a profit.


The main reason that players enjoy Super Fun 21 is that, as the name suggests, it’s a bit of good fun. The ruleset is obviously not optimized for basic strategy players (house edge is around 1.5%) and so it’s mainly used as a way for players to relax.

That’s not to say it can’t be beaten, of course. With the right strategy and precise play, it’s theorized that players could gain as much as a 1% advantage over the house. But for most players, it’s the double-down rescue and Six Card Charlie that are the main attractions: they make it easier to back out of tricky situations like a bad double down or sketchy 4-5 card hand.

And of course, the new payouts keep everyone on their toes. Even money blackjack, 2/1 for 6CC and diamond blackjack, and the (very) late surrender options are all unique to Super Fun 21.

For some players, Super Fun 21 is probably a bit too “middle ground” between the extremes of blackjack. For a basic strategy game, there’s European or classic blackjack. For big payouts, there’s Progressive Blackjack.

But its middle-of-the-road nature is something we really like. It’s an easy game to transition to, but never overwhelming. If you fancy a slight change in your blackjack routine, then Super Fun 21 is a great option.

  • Published date: 2020-04-14 07:40
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