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Perfect Blackjack Guide

Classic Blackjack will probably never go out of fashion – its following is just too big. But compared to the high-variance excitement of other casino games, it can become a little tedious for more casual players.

Perfect Blackjack (also called Perfect Pairs Blackjack) is designed to inject some of that high variance game-play into the classic game of blackjack.

How to Play

One huge upside to Perfect Pairs Blackjack is that the base game-play closely mirrors the original game. The transition between variations is therefore nice and straightforward.

  • For new players – You can learn the mechanics of classic blackjack (hit, stand, double-down, split, surrender, and more) in the context of more fun and dynamic game. If you switch to traditional blackjack to grind out a basic strategy, or count cards, you’ll be perfectly prepared for it.
  • For experienced players – If you’ve spent months or years practicing basic strategy, it can be tough transitioning to new games with abstract new rules. Perfect Blackjack retains all the core elements of classic blackjack but its entertaining side bets make it perfect for relaxing, blowing off steam, or chasing occasional high-volatility wins.
  • For pros – Most professional players will stick to classic or European-style blackjack since these games are best-suited for applying perfect basic strategy and card counting. As for any experienced player, however, Perfect Pairs is great for a relaxing session.

The Perfect Pairs side bet

The ‘perfect pairs’ side bet is what sets this variation apart from all others. This side bet is won if the player is dealt two 7s as their starting cards, and pays out accordingly:

  • Unmatched 7s – 5/1
  • Coloured 7s – 10/1
  • Perfect 7s – 30/1

A ‘coloured pair’ is just any two red 7s or black 7s. A perfect pair is when the 7s are suited – it’s the rarest combo, hence the most lucrative.

If the player lands a pair, the payout is awarded instantly. The hand then proceeds as normal, and players should apply basic strategy to maximise their chances of winning even further. With splitting and doubling down, a player can theoretically win a 38x stake per hand if they get lucky and maximise their splits and double-downs.

Perfect Blackjack Rules

Like all blackjack games, the rules vary subtly from table to table. The main objective is still to get closer to 21 than the dealer, but there are some cool changes typically found at the Perfect Pairs table.


Hitting a natural blackjack pays 3:2, and any other win pays even money. Hitting a two-card 21 after splitting does not count as blackjack, just 21. However, since players can split up to 3 times, it’s possible to win a higher-than-average payout even missing the perfect pairs bet.

Perfect Blackjack also lets players double-down on any split, further increasing win potential for good hands. Doubling-down means doubling the stake on a specific hand and receiving one extra card. The player must stand after that card, so the strategy is only used in particular situations.

Both late surrender and insurance bets are permitted in Perfect Blackjack, but only some tables will implement these rules.

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The basic strategy for Perfect Blackjack

There is no massive benefit to playing Perfect Blackjack if you’re not going to take advantage of the perfect pairs side bet. While it increases the house edge, the side bet also makes it possible to significantly increase one-off payouts.

Our recommended strategy is to take the payout for a perfect pair (usually 25/1 or 30/1) and multiply it by your per-hand wager, say $10. Come to the table with $250 to $300 set aside for this bet. If you hit a perfect pair early, you could make a huge profit or at least recoup previous wagers.

And if you don’t hit a perfect pair, well, sometimes that’s just blackjack.


Players love Perfect Blackjack because it gives them the best of both worlds: they can apply basic strategy and grind down the house edge (while not taking the side bet) and also play more adventurously by throwing cash at a potentially huge win multiplier – all without changing table

The close resemblance to classic blackjack also means there’s no learning curve for experienced players. Adjusting to the side bet might take a few hands, but otherwise, the whole table runs like clockwork. Same thing for beginners: you can learn all the nuances of splitting, doubling-down, insurance, and basic strategy while also having a little extra fun chasing 7s.

Unfortunately, Perfect Blackjack is usually an RNG-only variation online, which means it is not susceptible to card counting. Perfect basic strategy and the occasional side bet win could, however, push you well into a profit: it’s just a matter of playing patiently and with a long-term mindset.

But counting isn’t really the point of Perfect Blackjack anyway: this game is all about bigger payouts. Even an uncolored pair pays out five times more than a regular win, which means players can make a huge profit without ever hitting a perfect pair. When one does come, however, there’s no sweeter feeling. Try Perfect Blackjack today and see how much you can make.

  • Published date: 2020-04-13 13:00
  • Modified date: 2020-05-03 11:18