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Double Attack Blackjack

Double Attack Blackjack is a hot variation of the classic game which, until recently, was mostly played at land-based casinos. Developers have since taken the game online, however, and it is becoming increasingly popular with players.

This variation allows players to be more aggressive in their play, while also offering insurance to protect against strong dealer hands.

How to Play

The rules of Double Attack Blackjack are pretty different from the classic game. For example, the dealer starts by giving everyone at the table just one face-up card. On seeing the dealer’s card, players can choose to double attack, i.e. increase their wager up to 2x the original bet.

If the dealer draws an ace here, insurance is offered to players. The insurance bet pays out 5:2 which, if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll notice is less than normal. This happens because all 10s are removed from the deck in Double Attack Blackjack. The missing 10s are also why we’re permitted to double attack in the first place.

Unfortunately, this also means that a natural blackjack only pays even money, as opposed to the usual 3:2. The dealer always peeks for blackjack if dealt a 10-value card or ace, but also stands on a soft 17 which is great for the house edge. Even better, players can surrender or double down at any time, even after splitting.

The maximum wagerable amount varies from table to table, but on average players can expect a range from as little as $1 to several hundred bucks per hand.

The 500/1 “Bust It” Side bet

One stunning attraction for players is the “Bust it” Side Bet. Here players are backing the dealer to go bust with 3 cards. However, the payouts for this side bet vary according to a sliding scale. Typical values might be:

  • Dealer busts from 12 pays 3/1
  • Dealer busts from 13: 6/1
  • Dealer busts from 14: 8/1
  • Dealer busts from 15: 10/1
  • Dealer busts from 16:
    • Regular 16: 15/1
    • 888 of same color: 50/1
    • Suited 888: 500/1

With classic blackjack paying out a maximum of 3:2 for a winning natural 21, the allure of winning five hundred times your stake is incredibly powerful. Double Attack Blackjack base gameplay is enjoyable and aggressive, but the “Bust it” side bet elevates this to a new level.

Double Attack Blackjack Rules

Even experienced blackjack players can struggle to adapt to Double Attack Blackjack. It’s not because the changes are too complex, it’s just that blackjack players commit many hours to perfect basic strategy. And with Double Attack, the optimal strategy changes.

To help our players get going, we’ve outlined a basic strategy which will maximise win rate. We’ve categorised these by hard hands (hands without an ace, or hands with an ace which can still bust) and soft hands (hands with an ace which can’t bust.) We also look at pairs and when to split or double down.

Hard Hands

  • 4 through 8 – Always hit
  • 9 – Double down against 9; otherwise, hit
  • 10 – Double down against 2 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 11 – Always double down
  • 12 and 13 – Always hit
  • 14 – Stand against 4, 5, or 6; otherwise, hit
  • 15 and 16 – Stand against 2 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 17 – Surrender against ace; otherwise, stand
  • 18 and higher – Always stand

Soft Hands

  • Soft 13 through 15 – Always hit
  • Soft 16 – Double down against 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 17 – Double down against 4 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 18 – Double down against 5 and 6, hit against 9, 10, or ace; otherwise, stand
  • Soft 19 and higher – Always stand


  • 2s – Split against 3 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 3s – Split against 3 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 4s – Always hit
  • 5s – Double down against 2 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 6s – Split against 4 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 7s – Split against 2 through 7; otherwise, hit
  • 8s – Always split
  • 9s – Split against 4 through 6, as well as 8 and 9; otherwise, stand
  • 10s – Always stand
  • Aces – Always split

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Overall, Double Attack Blackjack is a slightly more sophisticated and advanced variation of classic blackjack. While the fundamental mechanics and gameplay are recognisable, the inclusion of double attacks, anytime surrender, removed 10s, and the “bust it” bet means that good play requires more active thinking.

But while the game is slightly more intense, it also offers significant rewards. Players are given extra information (like the early dealer card) which allows them to tactically adjust their plan on every hand.

While basic strategy cards are available (as we described) this game is primarily aimed at more casual players who want to play using their gut, chasing major side bet glory and doubling like madmen.

Double Attack Blackjack is an undeniably fun and exciting variation of the classic game and one that is becoming increasingly popular with online casinos.

  • Published date: 2020-04-16 12:58
  • Modified date: 2020-04-26 10:25