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The Ultimate Live Blackjack Guide

Live casino games are taking over the internet, and there’s no doubt about it. With more and more top online casinos hosting live versions of their casino games like live dealer games and live blackjack, more people are enjoying the authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own homes and on the go.

Leading the revolution of live casino games is live blackjack, which has long been a favourite game for casino goers.

What exactly is live blackjack?

When you play live blackjack, you find yourself at a virtual table opposite a real-life dealer who shuffles real decks, deals real cards, interacts with players at the table, and is streamed to your screen in real-time. That’s where the live dealer blackjack games step ahead of regular virtual blackjack games. They bring the real-life blackjack experience to every player, adding an element of social interaction as well.

Rather than other online casino versions of blackjack that pit you against an automated computer program, when you play live blackjack, you’re live-streamed the footage of a dealer at a blackjack table from a land-based casino room.

The game itself plays through like regular blackjack – with each table setting its own rules, as per usual – but allows for time to interact with other players at the table in the chat window or with the live dealer themselves between hands being dealt. This is a contrast to regular online blackjack on which players merely press the deal button, decide to stick or hit on their cards, see the result, and start all over again in a matter of seconds.

Something quite important to know is that the live online blackjack dealer cannot see any of the players through their cameras. All that the dealer can see is a screen of players’ screen names and if they’d won or not in the last round – as well as a few other game-specific stats to help enhance the experience for the players.

There are many pros to playing live blackjack over the regular form of online blackjack. For a start, you genuinely have more fun, with the entertainment spread out over more time, social interactions available, and more tactics involved with the real decks dealt out in front of you. However, with this added level of online casino play, you do have to spend more time on the game to play as many games as you would on a regular online blackjack game – so you basically choose between the overall experience and your speed of play. Having said that, some of our recommended sites also host Live Speed Blackjack games to bridge this gap.

Below, we have constructed a comprehensive list of the very best casinos for live casino online blackjack based on the quality of the sites as well as how good their live blackjack games are.


Our Best Casinos For Live Dealer Blackjack

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Where to Play Live Blackjack?

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas LogoThe live dealer blackjack games at Royal Vegas Casino are powered by the award-winning Evolution Gaming platform. High rollers will love Evolution Gaming’s VIP tables, while those that prefer a more casual blackjack experience can enjoy Evolution’s Blackjack Party, one of the most fun live blackjack games available.

Royal Vegas now also features premium live blackjack from Ezugi Gaming, giving you the biggest variety of live blackjack on the web. All the games below are available via mobile, and you can even chat in real-time to the classy live blackjack dealers!

Game Selection

Game NameNo. of TablesNo. of SeatsNo. of DecksMin/Max Bet LimitMulti-Seat Option
Live Blackjack (Evolution Gaming)1078$5-$2500Yes
Private Blackjack (Evolution Gaming)278$5-$2500Yes
Blackjack Silver (Evolution Gaming)778$50-$2500Yes
Blackjack VIP (Evolution Gaming)878$100-$2500Yes
Blackjack Platinum VIP (Evolution Gaming)178$250-$2500Yes
Blackjack Fortune VIP (Evolution Gaming)178$250-$2500Yes
Blackjack Grand VIP (Evolution Gaming)178$500-$2500Yes
Blackjack Diamond VIP (Evolution Gaming)178$1000-$2500Yes
Blackjack Party (Evolution Gaming)178$0.50-$200Yes
Blackjack White (Evolution Gaming)78$10-$2500Yes
Ezugi Live Blackjack
(Ezugi Gaming)

Welcome Bonus

The Royal Vegas welcome bonus is ideal for live dealer blackjack players with a solid bonus divided over your first four cash deposits at the casino. Each deposit offers a 100% cash match on your deposit of up to $1000, totaling a massive $2200 bonus, which gives you plenty of ammunition to explore their live blackjack options! As a plus, you’ll score 10% towards the wagering requirements, so get playing the best live dealer blackjack games now.

Leo Vegas

LeoVegas Logo

Check out the very best in live dealer blackjack at LeoVegas Casino. Not only is LeoVegas voted as leaders in mobile gaming with awards in 2017 and 2018, but this online casino also brings you an exciting range of live casino features.

LeoVegas offers a large variety of live dealer blackjack games with many tables to choose from. Play at a single seat and use the back-bet feature to wager with other players from around the world! The chat option gives you the opportunity to communicate with live dealers at the table, whether you’re playing on mobile or PC. Live dealer blackjack from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming provide real money play only, but before you start, check out these features below.

Game Selection

Game NameNo. of TablesNo. of SeatsNo. of DecksMin/Max Bet LimitMulti-Seat Option
Celebrity Blackjack Party458$5-$1000Yes
Sports Blackjack176$5-$1000No
Live Blackjack Pro178$10-$2000Yes
Dansk Celebrity Blackjack178$10-$1000No
LeoVegas Live Blackjack178$15-$2000Yes
NetEnt Live Blackjack178$10-$1000Yes
NetEnt Live Blackjack Pro138$10-$2000Yes
Silver Blackjack18$5-$1000No
Blackjack Fortune478$250-$5000No
Live VIP Blackjack128$10-$2000Yes

Welcome Bonus

LeoVegas Casino offers all newcomers a unique live casino bonus, giving you a 100% match bonus with your first deposit of $10 or more. Plus, you can instantly claim up to $1000 + 147 Free Spins and get started with double the cash on your favorite live blackjack games

What are you waiting for? Gain access to one of the best live dealer and mobile casinos in the world and enjoy exclusive live promotions. Don’t hesitate, head over to LeoVegas Casino now, register your account and activate your welcome bonus for the best live dealer blackjack action!

Jackpot City

Jackpot City Logo

What could be better than playing the very best in live blackjack games than at a casino that offers a magnificent Las Vegas experience? At JackpotCity Casino, the award-winning Evolution Gaming software provider makes it all possible with brilliant HD streaming and professional live dealers.

Gain the best live blackjack experience by focusing all your attention on one table at a time and enjoy the social option of chatting with the dealer and other players from around the world! JackpotCity Casino features an incredible mobile interface, offering HD graphics with the option to view a game before playing for real money.

Game Selection

Game NameNo. of TablesNo. of SeatsNo. of DecksMin/Max Bet LimitMulti-Seat Option
Live Blackjack (Evolution Gaming)178$1-$1000Yes
Live Blackjack Party (Evolution Gaming)178$5-$1000No
Microgaming Live Blackjack (Playboy)20-5078$25-$300No
Microgaming Live Blackjack20-5078$1-$1000No

Welcome Bonus

Double your cash on your first 4 deposits by claiming the JackpotCity casino welcome bonus. Each bonus comes with a value of up to $400, giving you the opportunity to score a massive $1,600 in free cash! Instantly play your favourite live blackjack games and score 10% towards wagering requirements of the welcome bonus.

Head over to JackpotCity Casino now, register an account, and claim your first 4 welcome bonuses to play the most exciting award-winning live blackjack games within minutes!

Betway Casino

Betway Casino Logo

Betway has a bustling live casino section, particularly when it comes to their blackjack offerings. With a total of 40 tables, all on the Evolution Gaming Software platform, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a table to take a seat at! Each live blackjack table has a chatroom and friendly dealers, so you can chat with them or the other players. There are also three play alone tables for when you’re not feeling up to socializing. There are no demo versions to play when it comes to the live blackjack, however.

Blackjack Party is where you’ll find the most going on, with up to 500 seats in one room – and two fun dealers! Looking for something a bit more relaxed? The VIP Blackjack rooms are cool, calm, collected, and will let you bet big. Multi-seat play is available in some rooms, and it will come up as an option once you take your first seat.

Game Selection

Game NameNo. of TablesNo. of SeatsNo. of DecksMin/Max Bet LimitMulti-Seat Option
Classic Blackjack2678$5000
VIP Blackjack1078$5000
Salon Prive Blackjack318$10,000
Blackjack Party15008$100

Welcome Bonus

Sign up as a new customer to enjoy a welcome bonus of 100% up to $1500. The minimum deposit is $20; the playthrough requirement is x50, and the contribution percentage for live blackjack games varies between 0-8%.

Want to know more? Click here to read the full review of Betway Casino.

Dunder Casino

Dunder Casino LogoDunder Casino launched in 2016 with a fresh and exciting approach to online casino gaming. While the site is still fairly new with respect to their live dealer blackjack collection, they nevertheless chose to go with Evolution Gaming, an award-winning live dealer casino specialist.

Enjoy brilliant live blackjack tables and chat to live dealers, streamed in stunning High Definition on desktop or mobile for the ultimate in real-time live blackjack, at Dunder Casino!

Game Selection

Game NameNo. of TablesNo. of SeatsNo. of DecksMin/Max Bet LimitMulti-Seat Option
Live Blackjack (Evolution Gaming)178$5-$2500Yes
Live Blackjack Party(Evolution Gaming)178$5-$1000No

Welcome Bonus

Dunder’s welcome bonus is the perfect boost to your live casino experience and offers a $2000 cash match plus 200 free spins. You also get 20 free spins to play Cloud Quest just for signing up as a new customer. The welcome bonus package is ideal for live casino gaming, as well as for sampling the wide range of other casino games on offer, including table games and the hottest slots. As an added extra, live blackjack games contribute 10% towards the wagering requirements – Check it out now!

FAQ’s Regarding Live Blackjack

Yes! Online blackjack tables almost always offer lower (i.e. better) house edge than in land-based casinos.
In live games where there are multiple decks and they aren’t shuffled between hands, it is possible to count cards. However, it’s also tricky given the fast speed of play.
Absolutely not. The other players see what you see (the table interface + dealer) and the dealer only sees information about the table and who is playing.
Evolution Gaming and NetEnt are the two most popular providers, with the most advanced technology.
Online casinos are able to license live blackjack streams from the developers. Dedicated tables are specially branded and set in studios for that casino only, whereas general play tables are more generic and widely accessible. Both use the same dealers, rules, and technology.

Play live blackjack

You can expect the same format of the game as you would at any regular blackjack table at an online casino, with the betting round, the deal, the decision phase, and then the results and payouts. With many variants of blackjack available around the web, there may be some different rules to play by on both live blackjack and regular online blackjack games, but they’ll be explained on the page.

Once you’ve entered the game to play live blackjack, the screen loads to a real dealer from somewhere in the world via live streaming. With a camera fixed on the dealer and table to stream the action, the optical character recognition software set on the table will read the cards that are dealt, relaying the results into the computer program that then determines who the winners and losers of that round are, so you get an informational overlay on your screen in addition to the video feed.

You can play live blackjack games from most online casinos – the best ones are highlighted by us above to help your selection process – with some of them offering the games on their mobile sites and apps. So, you can play live blackjack from home or on the go.

Perhaps bar player-versus-player tournaments online, live blackjack is the pinnacle of online blackjack play, so it’s best to get some practice in first. You’ll want to know the rules, methods of victory, and plays that you can make before playing live online blackjack as there are time limits for each phase of play to keep the game moving.

As it’s so popular, almost all online casinos host a version of live blackjack – some of these are very good and some mediocre. This is why we created our recommended casinos table, to ensure that you not online play the best live blackjack games, but also enjoy the best possible online casino experience at a top website.

It’s not just the regular game of blackjack that you can look out for in the live casino section, with many sites giving their players multiple options for their live dealer blackjack play. For example, LeoVegas – who hosts a massive live casino section – offers 19 different live blackjack games such as Celebrity Blackjack Party, VIP Blackjack, Silent Blackjack, and much more. These new features allow you to play live blackjack in whichever way suits you the best.

Silent VIP Blackjack

For the live casino experience without the other players, or even the dealer distracting you with a chat about everything, nothing, or even blackjack, then Silent VIP Blackjack is the place for you. Hosted by LeoVegas, the only chat you’ll be hearing in this game are from the live dealers greeting new players, and announcing the values, wins, and losses.

The idea behind live silent blackjack is to give players their very own blackjack retreat. They can concentrate on the game while enjoying the live dealer blackjack experience. The game itself plays out the same, using the same technology as any other live blackjack game, but instead of having to mute the chat window and game to be able to focus on the cards, you can play silent blackjack in the knowledge that the only information that you’ll receive is simply the need to know snippets.

Silent blackjack is described as the opposite of Celebrity Blackjack, in which the dealers are very chatty and the players are encouraged to be as well to bring a much more communal and social feel to the game of blackjack – like being at a land-based casino with your friends. Live silent blackjack is more for the serious players aiming to play with in-depth strategy. We suggest that you try both of these, and choose the times when Silent is best for you and those when Celebrity is the best choice.

Live dealer blackjack strategies and tips

The best blackjack strategies can be applied to live online blackjack as they would a regular game of blackjack – with knowing the best move for success based on what’s dealt to you as well as when the dealer needs to stick or hit vital to any robust strategy.

From a purely strategic point with live dealer blackjack, you’ll want a no-distractions room so that you can track the play and plot your moves, making Silent VIP Blackjack the perfect game for blackjack strategists.

Play live blackjack today!

Live blackjack games bring a whole new level of thrills to playing the classic card game online. You can choose the level of social interactions with games like Celebrity Blackjack and Silent VIP Blackjack being at either end of the scale, as well as choose the best live blackjack casino for you from our recommendations above.

Come and enjoy the increasingly popular live blackjack games – you won’t regret it!

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