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Blackjack Casino Reviews

Part of the charm and thrill of playing online blackjack comes from playing at the right kind of casino.

We’ve worked hard to find the very best casinos for you, saving you the hassle of having to research each and every casino yourself. After a lot of research, we condense everything you need to know in our very in-depth casino reviews, so you get all the information you need in one place. This means that you don’t waste precious time, and can get playing straight away with our recommended list of best online casinos to play at.

Check out our top recommended casinos for playing online blackjack here:

How We Choose Our Best Casinos?

There are several important factors going into what makes a ‘good’ or ‘great’ online casino to play at, and we strive to include a variety of casinos to suit every gaming need you may have.

We look for several things when it comes to deciding whether or not to recommend a casino to our players. These include:

  • The security and privacy standards,
  • The software provider,
  • The range of games on offer (especially for blackjack),
  • The bonuses and promotions given to new and existing players,
  • The range of deposit and withdrawal methods on offer – especially for Canadian players.

If a casino fails to satisfy any of the above, they’re not making it to our list. Because, if a casino isn’t good enough for us, it’s definitely nowhere near good enough for you.

Looking Out for Canadian Players

Because we’re looking out for Canadian players, we ensure that every casino we review is the most Canadian-friendly it can be. That means:

  • Checking if the casino accepts deposits and withdrawals in Canadian dollars,
  • Checking if the casino has accessible, Canadian-based support for our players,

Checking there is a range of Canadian-preferred and accepted payment methods, such as Visa, PayPal, Instadebit and more, to name but a few.

The Best Bonuses

Another important part of the experience at any of our top blackjack casinos is the quality of the welcome bonus offered. We first check to see how competitive it is with other casinos in the market, and how rewarding it is for players. In any case, when we find a casino we’re interested in recommending, we try to negotiate a more rewarding welcome bonus for players.

Otherwise, we check – in detail – the wagering requirements of each bonus, to see if they are acceptable and achievable, alongside any playthrough requirements. If we deem them inline with our expectations, and the casino satisfies our other requirements, it will be recommended to you as one of our best casinos. The quality of the welcome bonus on offer is incredibly important to us.

The Best Blackjack Games

Of course, we couldn’t even possibly think of considering a casino to you if it didn’t have enough of what we’re all looking for – blackjack games!

Finding great blackjack games for you to play is our sole raison d’etre, and as such, we need our casinos to have a great variety of fun blackjack variations for you to play.

And perhaps just as importantly, these blackjack games must be up to a certain standard, and run on reputable software if they are to make the grade. Any lags, freezes or bugs, or software that we don’t know or trust, won’t make the grade for us.

Additionally, even though we’re a site dedicated to playing online blackjack, we recognize that our players may have other gaming interests other than blackjack. We therefore look specifically for a wide variety of other casino games to play, including online slots, roulette, poker and more – we want our casinos to give you the very best in everything, and that includes game variety. We also mention these explicitly in each of our blackjack casino reviews.

Customer Support and Banking

None of the above would be worth it if it wasn’t supported by excellent customer service and support.

While in an ideal world, a great variety of games and outstanding bonuses would be enough, we prefer to be safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong or you need assistance, it’s easy to get, and you know where to turn to.

We look for a variety of customer service options, including (our favorite) live chat, email, phone and FAQ section. We also try to get in contact through these channels, to test them for helpfulness and a quick response time.

Additionally, we apply the same level of testing and research to the banking methods and conditions at each casino. We’re not only checking for the variety of methods offered, but also their conditions, such as fees for using each method (if any) and time it takes for your money to appear in your account after deposit.

More importantly, we also look specifically for the casino’s promised withdrawal time – in general and for each payment method. If it’s outside the bounds of what we deem an acceptable time, you won’t be seeing the casino in our list.

Bottom Line

Our recommended and best casinos are here after an extensive amount of research and discussion. Everything you read about in any of our in-depth casino reviews has been analyzed and dissected thoroughly, to ensure it meets the qualities and standards we expect of any best casino recommended to you.