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About Online Blackjack Canada

Established in early 2017, Online Blackjack Canada is more than just an online blackjack portal – it’s an experience in itself. We work hard to find the best online casinos so that you can have a great, rewarding online blackjack game.

While each of our online casino reviews are objective, we make no secret of the fact that we partner with the casinos we recommend. This not only helps to keep the site running, but also allows you, the player, to benefit from the upgraded bonuses and promotions we negotiate for you.

We wish you the best of luck in your Online Blackjack journey – and make sure to regularly check the site to find all the best, updated bonuses, reviews and more!

The Team

Online Blackjack Canada seeks to be the best resource out there for Canadians looking to play a great game of online blackjack.

Building and maintaining the site with fresh and up to date news and reviews requires a lot of work, and to do so, we’ve enlisted the help of some of the best and brightest Canadian online gaming writers out there.

All of our team have extensive backgrounds in the casino gaming industry, including in-depth knowledge of:

  • The bonus and promotions systems,
  • The ins and outs, as well as the pros and cons of the top casino software,
  • Deposit and withdrawal options

Not to mention familiarity with the thrilling game of chance and skill known as blackjack.

We’ve been there and done that, playing every variant out there (and reviewing it, so you know whether it’s worth your time and your bankroll) and searching high and low for the best online casinos to play at. We would never dream of recommending an online casino which doesn’t match up to our high standards – so if it’s not good enough for us, it’s definitely nowhere near good enough for you.

And this is us – the people responsible for bringing you the very best online blackjack in Canada!

Lee Tremblay – Lee grew up in Ontario, and has been gaming online ever since he can remember! He quite likes playing in brick and mortar casinos too, and although he writes for a blackjack site, his true passion is online poker.

David Gagnay – David provides Online Blackjack Canada with the insider know-how, gleaned from almost 15 years in the online gaming industry – you could even say he’s a pioneer. He’s seen the way online gaming has grown and evolved, bringing that expertise to you here.

Alexandre Ouellet – joining us from (where else?) the wilds of Montreal, Alexandre keeps things classy in the Online Blackjack Casino offices, providing us with the math and strategy behind every article. He’s our go-to guide if we need a deep explanation of something blackjack-related, and he’s currently writing a book of his recommendations for novice blackjack players.

Alison Landry – Alison is an article-writing machine, managing the process from the ideas stage to the published final pieces. She really enjoys a good game of online blackjack, and has learned a lot from the team around her – so much so that she’s pretty much always on a winning streak!

Emily Richards – Emily made the transition from online console gaming to online casino gaming when she realized the latter was much easier to monetize, and hasn’t looked back since. A true expert in gaming UX and the blackjack nuts and bolts, she enjoys writing about tips, strategy and anything online blackjack related – and she really knows her stuff.